Chromebook Info

Parents/Guardians, if you were not able to attend this year's Chromebook Parent Meeting, please watch the following video. 

Mr. Lancaster, principal of George Washington High School, explains how students will use Chromebooks in class, addresses general Internet safety, and emphasizes expected acceptable use. He also highlights the most important points parents should understand in the Danville Public Schools Parent/Guardian/Student Device Agreement--more commonly referred to as the Chromebook Agreement Form.

Chromebook Parent Meeting:

Use the following links to download copies of the DPS Student AUP signature form and the Danville Public Schools Parent/Guardian/Student Device Agreement. Parents and students must sign and return each form in order for students to receive a Chromebook.

        DPS Student /Parent 2019 AUP Signature Page.pdf 
Return signed forms to Ms. Roberson or Ms. Walters in the library.

        2019 DPS Device (Chromebook) Agreement and Signature Page
Everyone must use the updated 2019-2020 Agreement. Old forms will no longer be accepted.
                   Return signed forms to the blue basket on the front counter in the main office.

Note: Mrs. Ca'stle, GWHS's ITRT, collects forms daily Tuesday - Friday for processing.

Chromebook Repairs

If a student has a Chromebook that is in need of repairs, the student must ask one of his/her teachers to submit a help desk ticket to Mr. Lee Davis, assistant IAT tech. In the ticket, the teacher must include the following:

  • student's name
  • Chromebook asset tag number
  • a statement explaining what is wrong with the Chromebook

Once the teacher submits the help desk ticket, the student must take the Chromebook ONLY (Cords are not collected when Chromebooks are submitted for repairs) to the circulation desk in the library. One of the librarians will then place a sticky note containing the student's name on the Chromebook and store the Chromebook in Mr. Davis's "to be repaired" work area.

It is the student's responsibility to make periodic checks with the librarians on the status of his/her Chromebook. If a damage fee is owed, a statement of damages will be available for the student in the library. All damages must be paid before any repairs will be made or replacements issued.