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Eagle Soar During Annual Cadet Inspection

This annual inspection was done by CDR Patrick Funk, the Executive Officer from the UVA Naval ROTC Unit. The inspection is done to ensure continuity across the board in all units. The inspection examines a variety of areas:

  • Uniform Inspection - Ensures units are teaching their cadets to wear the uniform according to regulations.
  • Marching Demonstration - Ensures that instructors are teaching marching drills according to the drill manual and practice on a routine basis.
  • Administration of the Program - Ensures that required paperwork is processed correctly and efficiently.
  • Supply Inventory - Ensures that we are not wasting money and that we are taking good care of uniforms.
  • Staff Brief - This shows the inspector that the staff is not only knowledgeable of unit requirements but that they are actually in charge and leading the cadets.
    GW ROTC Cadet Inspection