Drama/Theatre Guild (Tickle)

Theatre Guild: In order to be a member of theatre guild, you must have worked one show in some capacity. For additional questions, please contact Ms. Tickle at 434-799-6410.

George Washington’s Drama Department acquaints the student body and community with
typical examples of drama. Student participation in this department provides opportunities for the development of dramatic talent and for the promotion of vocational and avocational
pursuits in this field. A major production is presented each year to the public.

The cast and crews for productions are selected from the entire student body by open
and competitive try-outs. Various courses are offered in the curriculum to increase the
student’s knowledge of drama, but the practical experiences in drama come in extra-curricular work on the productions. Students interested in acting or the producing of plays can find fulfillment in
this department.

Sponsors: Ms. Tickle

Have pictures? Please send additional pictures to Mrs. Dana Tickle

Drama I
Drama I familarizes students with the nature of theatre, how it is created and how it functions in society. Emphasis is placed on the diversity of the art form, basic terminology and acting and play production techniques.

Drama II
Drama II is a continuation of Drama I.

Play Production
English Stage deals strictly with fundamentals of play production. Students study color, balance and design, and they apply these principles in play production. The construction of basic scenic elements, in addition to covering and painting techniques, is studied and reinforced by the class's construction of a set for a main stage production.

Directing (Proposed Course)
All students are involved in the production of an in-class one-act play.