Scholastic Bowl (ACE) (Hovatter)

(Academic Competition for Excellence Team)

The Academic Competition for Excellence (ACE) Team affords students the opportunity for competition based on their scholastic knowledge. ACE encourages the pursuit of academic excellence in manner enjoyable to participants and the audience while promoting good sportsmanship. Competitions are held among the Western Valley District Schools with the opportunity to advance to regional and state levels of competition. In addition to traditional ACE Competitions, VHSL rules are followed for a series of Scholastic Bowl Competitions. Students in Grades 9-12 in good standing and with parental permission are eligible to participate. Competitions are held November through April. New teams are selected in April/May. Preparation is year round. Junior Varsity Competition is based on knowledge in World History, Geography, English Literature, Math, Earth Science, Biology, and Current Events. Varsity Competition is based on specific scholastic knowledge in the areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, English Literature, Fine Arts, and Current Events. Cumulative team wins are used to determine the regular season standings and seedings for the tournaments.

Sponsor: Ms. Hovatter