GW Tutorial Program

Director: Re'Shawn Woodson

Social Studies Teacher/Department Co-Chair

The GW Tutorial Program offers tutorial assistance that supports classroom instruction and the achievement of Virginia's Standards of Learning (SOL's). The Program is available to all students, in all grades and focuses on the core areas of mathematics, science, English and social studies.

The Tutorial Program meet bi-weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Library/Media center. Students can get assistance after school, from 3:30-4:30 pm. Transportation is available for students who attend the after school tutorial session.

In order to maximize the benefit of the Tutorial Program, participating students will be held responsible for a code of behavior that allows for understanding and achievement with their schoolwork. At a minimum, students who participate in the Tutorial Program will adhere to the following expectations:

  1. Students will come prepared to work with appropriate material including but not limited to: textbooks, class notes, paper and writing utensils, graded work when asked or needed.
  2. Students will arrive and be prepared to begin tutoring ON TIME. Late students (after 3:30 for the afternoon session) will be directed to the Tutorial Supervisor and may be denied the opportunity to receive tutoring on that day. Repeated tardiness to the tutorial session may result in dismissal from the Tutorial Program.
  3. Student will work with a tutor for the entire allotment of time.
  4. Student will try their best as they listen and work to understand the explanations from the tutor and they will ask questions if they do not understand.
  5. Students will display proper respect for themselves, the tutors, and their peers at all times.
  6. Students who receive afternoon transportation services will behave properly on the bus in adherence to the bus rules. The consequences for not behaving properly on the bus include, but are not limited to, bus suspension and/or dismissal from the Tutorial Program.